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Dialed Podcast #45

The guys all bring a "How to" topic to the table...  Sharpening your intensity, swimming, flat tire changing basics, and getting started in racing.  We give you an update on our race to lose 10lbs, run through the Backpedal, and more.  Oh yeah, this was our first live-streamed show!  Check the Dialed Podcast YouTube channel for a replay and to see future scheduled shows... Enjoy!

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2014 Felt Nine FRD Custom (20″ Large): $2250

2014 Felt Nine FRD Custom - 20" Large Frame Fast, fun, stiff, and beautiful!  This is a great hardtail mountain bike for both the racer and the person who loves to tear up some trails.  The bike climbs incredibly well, [...]

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Dialed Podcast #41

The Romancisode!  Lance jumps in the driver's seat while playing the part of chief editor for this podcast - enjoy!  We welcome back our regular guest and Zwift guru, Justin Wagner, to discuss the new Zwift updates.  We also run through of our favorite cycling movies that you can watch while knocking out some rides in your pain cave.  We also run through another batch of errors and omissions in our "Regroup", so press play and have a listen!

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