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Train Like a PROFESSIONAL at the Dialed Cycling Studio

Where cyclists and triathletes go for speed, fitness, and power development…

We only use the best, which is why we only use the reliable and robust Wahoo KICKR… 18 of them to be exact!

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Built for You

We have designed our studio to meet the needs of all cyclists, which ranges from the recreational cycling enthusiast to the racer competing at the Pro / Elite level.  Our studio is also the home of Dialed Cycling Team, Dialed Triathlon Team, and many other cyclists & triathletes in our community.

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What makes us the obvious choice:

We are cyclists who built this program for cyclists, we built our studio based on what we would want from a cycling studio, and we spared no expense to bring you the best training tools that money can buy.  We know and understand what you are trying to accomplish, and we know how to get you there.  We will help you achieve your goals!

Here are a couple items to consider when choosing where you will do your training:

We have made the investment to offer you the best training equipment available in the market.  We love all things Wahoo and feel as if they make the best trainers on the market.  When it came down to choosing between the reliable and professional Kickr and the more economical “price-point” based Kickr Snap, we felt that the Kickr was hands down the best option for our studio and clients for several reasons… here are a few:

    • The Wahoo Kickr is simply regarded as the best smart trainer that money can buy. 
    • It is professionally built to withstand all of the punishing watts you can dish out.
    • It has the most accurate power reading, which is why you’re on a smart trainer to begin with, right?!
    • There is no fussing with tire pressure or roller tension to ensure proper power readings.
    • It has a far smoother and truer road feel 
    • You will not wear out or ruin your tires 
    • It has a 2000 maximum watt capacity as opposed to 1500 watts
    • It has a 20% incline max as opposed to 15%
    • It is heavier, which makes it more stable
    • With a direct drive, there is no wheel slippage
    • Reliability, reliability, reliability… did we mention that they are reliable?        

                  Have a plan, set a goal, and apply purpose to every training session.  We can get you started on a training regimen that will simply get you results. 

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Train With Professionals

Our program isn’t built on us shooting from the hip when you show up to one of our classes, your instructor won’t be someone who just finished teaching a jazzercise class ( no offense to Jazzercise Instructors… just leave the cycling to us! ), and it isn’t built for you to slide by when nobody is looking.  We want you to succeed and we will immerse you in a program that will enable you to achieve success.  Whether you are looking to find the podium, want to conquer your first century, or simply want to hang with your local club ride, we know we have something for you.  

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Free First Session!

Come try a class and get your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) tested… it’s on us!  Yep, we are offering up a free class to get you hooked!  Not sure what your FTP is?  Have no idea what FTP even means?  Well, we would love to educate you, complete your testing session,  and get you started on your cycling journey to success.  Warning: once we determine your FTP, you will be hooked on making this number skyrocket!

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Let’s Get Rolling!

Contact us so we can get you started.  If you have any questions at all, always feel free to reach out to us… We love talking about all things cycling!

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Located at Movement Revolution!

1721 NE 64th Ave., Ste110, Vancouver, WA 98661