UPDATE: We no longer carry KTM as it became far too difficult to communicate with them, and KTM is choosing to bypass dealers and bike shops in order to sell direct to customer.  Best of luck on your search to get a new KTM.


Dialed Cycling Lab is proud and excited to bring KTM Bicycles to the Pacific Northwest. Please contact us with questions and to get some special pricing for our launch party – SWEET!

Feel free to Call or Text… We are happy to talk about bikes ANYTIME!  (360) 474-7275

What bike to you need to add to your quiver? Remember… N+1 :)

Road, Mountain, Cross, Commuter, eBike (awesome for commuting!), Kids’, and Fat Bikes… Check out KTM’s killer line up!

Keep an eye out… You’ll soon see the Dialed Cycling Team racing on KTM’s here in the PNW. You may have also seen KTM’s at Paris-Nice, The Belgium Waffle Ride, or under the 2017 Factory Off-Road Team!

KTM builds bicycles that are fun, innovative, and noteworthy. With so many genres of cycling, they are devoted to improving every make and model as new technologies are discovered to stay on the forefront on the cycling industry.

Since 1964, KTM bicycles have been designed, engineered, and manufactured at the KTM facilities in Mattighofen, Austria. More than 50 years later, KTM is proud to label the biggest parts of its bikes, Made in Austria (1964), standing for highest quality and state-of-the-art technologies. Meanwhile more than 50 countries around the globe trust in KTM Bikes-Made in Austria. Over the past decades KTM has developed into an influential player in the global bicycle sector. Bike technologies have changed and made enormous progress.

KTM is proud to label the bikes that they make today as “Made in Austria”. This mark doesn’t only describe the location of our factory and headquarters, but represents a mark of pride in delivering Austrian made products that are fueled with cutting edge design and manufacturing.

Through the 70’s and 80’s KTM saw continued success and growth, including the sponsorship of Walter Obersberger from Braunau (Austria) who won multiple national championships & competed in several world championship events.

In 1989, KTM set a major milestone in the production of its millionth bike, and today they continue to produce roughly 200,000 bikes per year.

As of 2015, more than 300 employees are working in their offices and factory in Mattighofen, a small town in upper Austria between Salzburg and Braunau.  Great lineage and craftsmanship!

Contact us for more information and pricing… Thanks!

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