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    CATEGORY/RACE:#2  Open 3/4 35+


    No call-up for this series and I found myself at the back.

    Dry for the warmup and the gun. Started raining after that, but the ground was sooo dry it never muddied up. Just was great traction. Found myself starting in the back so it was just a lot of passing practice, which I find can be just as big a time penalty if you can’t get around someone as going slow in the turns. And speaking of turns, that went better tonight than my slow historical self. Get off the brakes, man! No brakes.

    Those barriers are damn high though. I was not happy with my performance there. Time for drills. All was good, though, guys were getting gassed with 2 to go so was picking them off. With 1 to go there was really only one guy left to battle that I could see. Passed him so he would be struggling to bridge back; I was still feeling reserves. Then it happened with only 1/2 lap to go. Feeling more rim than rubber.  The agony!

    Sight of sadness

  • joeyjojojr
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    Crap Jay.  That’s a total bummer.  Thanks for the report.  Do you use tubes or tubeless?

  • Dialed Cycling
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