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Custom Coaching Programs

There are time when you are too close to the topic and you are no longer objective. Your passion for your sport can work the same way. Athletes gearing up for an event can and often do lose proper judgment regarding their preparation. Sadly, this impaired judgment can rob the athlete of a peak performance.  Coaches love peak performance, and can remain objective about your training. We coaches tend to look at the numbers in a cold objective kind of way. Many of the top world class athletes have coaching only for this reason. As you know, so many professional cyclists have trained for 20+ years at the top of their game. They should know how to train themselves pretty well. So why does each one of them have a coach? The main reason is objectivity. In the world class stress level of pre-tour preparation, pro cyclists surround themselves with grounding personnel. Point is, anyone can get stirred up and lose “it” while under stress, so the smart ones will work with a great coach. You recover better with low levels of stress, so a good coach can do wonders in this department as well!

Functional Strength Training & Flexibility

Functional Strength Training

Flexibility Program

Bike Fitting

COMING SOON! – Custom Bike Fittings

Testing Options

Testing Program Options:

  • Cycling Specific Power Testing
  • VO2 Max Testing  (COMING SOON!)
  • Flexibility Testing
  • Skin fold Body Composition Testing