I really want a new bike, but… (insert one of many reasons here).  Sound familiar?  Well, just about all of us have been there.  That said, let’s see if Dialed Cycling Lab can help you navigate some of those road blocks that might be in your way!

Problem #1:  I need to sell my current bike first.

Solution:  Let Dialed Cycling Lab take care of that for you!  Our bicycle consignment program could not be any easier.  You drop off your bike and we take care of the rest, which includes cleaning, inspecting, repairing, tuning, marketing, and selling it.  We also toss in a 3-month service warranty.  This makes buyers VERY happy, and they like buying from a shop – nothing personal against private sellers, but it’s just great peace of mind!  What does this cost, you ask?  Well, if you were just doing the consignment and nothing else, the fee is 20%.  Here is the cool part though… if you buy a new bike from Dialed, we will discount your NEW BIKE the same amount as what the consignment fee worked out to be (not valid with sale bikes and cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers).  Pretty awesome, right?!  Next thing you know, you’re out pedaling around on your new steed and happy as a clam!

Problem #2:   Bikes are expensive and I need to save up some money, so I need to hold off for a bit.

Solution:  Waiting and saving is actually a financially sound approach, but if you think you can save up the money you need in six months or less, this might be a fantastic solution to help you get a bike now!  Dialed Cycling is linked up with PayPal Credit and Affirm financing, which can afford you the magic of time!  When you need to buy something (**cough-BIKE-cough**), you don’t always want to wait. Buying with the power to pay as you choose and still enjoying the security and reliability of these powerful institutions… Now that’s magic!

Problem #3: My ‘Significant Other’ will kill me if I get a new bike, another bike, or any bike!

Solution:   Besides flowers, honey-do’s, foot rubs, dishes, laundry, etc… (I’ve personally been there many times!), your best bet is to get them out there on a bike too.  Invite them out to one of our intro rides and let us get them hooked.  Nothing like a little peer pressure!  In all seriousness though, the cycling lifestyle is tough to beat on so many levels, which you are probably fully aware of… you are reading about how to get a new bike after all!  If none of this works, well, there’s always the old switcharoo… Pro Tip:  Make sure the new bike is the same color as the old bike so that they don’t notice that upgraded ultralight beauty dressed in electronic shifting and carbon wheels. Just kidding, we would never suggest this terrible level of deceit… or would we? ;)

Problem #4: I love the idea of getting a new bike and I really want to get into cycling, but I just don’t think I have the free time to warrant buying a bike.

Solution:  Unplug, optimize, prioritize, and connect!  I know, this all sounds great in theory, but you might be thinking it feels a little unrealistic.  Our response?  Non-sense.  Making time for fitness, fun, and friendships is completely attainable and we have the people to prove it!  Our cycling team is comprised of some pretty awesome people who are the best role models when it comes to balancing family, work, and riding. These fantastic cyclists are having a blast, they are fit, and they are logging rides all the time!  Doctors, small business owners, professionals, and more… they are still getting it done!  But how?  Well, it really boils down to taking an honest look at how you are spending your typical day and how you are truly prioritizing your time.  Time has a way of really escaping us and it’s funny when you really start paying attention to where the hours go every day, week, month, and year.

  • The first one is pretty simple.  How much time do you spend staring at a screen every day? Yep, this one is a major time suck!  I’m not saying to quit it all cold-turkey, but take a hard look at how you can cut back.
  • How about cooking dinners?  Ever considered a program like Wild Tree / Freezer Meal workshops?  These programs are awesome!  You prep healthy, clean food, and here is the best part… you can knock out 10 dinners in about 2 hours, toss them in the freezer, and BAM, you’ve got some serious free time on your hands!  And guess what?  You’re eating a whole heck of a lot healthier too.  Winning!
  • Finally, where there is a will, there is a way.  In the 20 plus years that I’ve been helping people find time for fitness, there have been very few roadblocks that could not be circumvented.  Yes, there are some scenarios that just can’t be helped, and for those who are completely stuck, I’m truly sorry.  However, there is always that “someday” that can come to fruition if you make it a priority and a goal.  You’ve got this!

Problem #5: I’m all in on getting a new bike, but I’m a bit scared that I don’t know what I’m doing and have nobody to ride with.

Solution:  We love nothing more than getting folks into the sport of cycling.  You can also add to this that we love educating people about all things bikes.  So, consider this:  1. We go through the basics with everyone before they take their new bike home.  2. We ensure that you have the proper equipment.  3. We provide workshops and services that will help bring out your inner grease monkey when it comes to turning wrenches on your bike.  4. We have a great (and growing!) network of super cool people (check out our Strava group page) who are always out riding and looking for more people to ride with.  Be careful though, we might get you out there racing too!  :)

So, in summary, let’s say this out loud… “I really want a new bike, and I know how I’m gonna make it happen!”

There is the rule of N+1 too, and you can argue with the rules of cycling!  ;)

Help me get a NEW bike!