Peanut butter and jelly… Milk and cookies… Cake & Ice Cream… They just go great together!  Well, you can add another item to the list of incredible duos that go great together… without all the calories.  Dialed Cycling Lab and Movement Revolution!  Seriously though, there are so many great things going on here that it almost makes your head spin.  That said, let’s point out a few of the awesome things that you will find under one roof:

Movement Revolution hangs its hat on making exercise both functional and fun so you too can adopt their motto of “Better Living Through Movement.”  If you’re an athlete, triathlete, cyclists, fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to take their first steps towards fitness, MR has something for you!  Check out this list of programs and training types offered in our highly functional 3700 square foot training center:

    • Vinyasa Gentle Flow Yoga
    • Restorative Yoga
    • Gentle Flow Yoga
    • FUNctional Fridays
    • Body Weight Base Training
    • Total Endurance and Strength
    • Power Yoga
    • Cardio Bootcamp
    • The Warrior Workout
    • Crazy HIIT and HIIT Back
    • ZUMBA
    • SAQ Training
    • TRX Training
    • Bodyweight and Core Training
    • Kettlebell Classes
    • Senior Training
    • Personal training
    • Small Group Training
    • Team Training

Dialed Cycling Lab brings a great twist to the already incredible Movement Revolution business model.  An area of Movement Revolution’s training expertise is working with triathletes.  DCL has an expertise of working with cyclists and triathletes as well, and brings the Dialed Cycling Team and Dialed Triathlon Team into the mix.  Wow, that’s a lot of horsepower and some serious fun when you put all of this in the same building! Here is another list of great ingredients that DCL brings to this winning recipe:

        • Bicycle Maintenance and Service
        • New Bike Sales & Custom Builds
        • Metabolic Testing
        • Bike Fittings
        • Wahoo Power Group Cycling Studio
        • Cyclist Coaching
        • Power Testing
        • Bicycle Parts, Accessories, & Apparel: Garmin, Castelli, Stages, Enve, Feedback Sports, Rotor, Kask, Continental, and more
        • Cycling, Running, and Swimming Accessories
        • Bicycle Consignment
        • Nutritional Supplements: Skratch, Osmo, APX, and More
        • Cycling Workshops: Safety, Maintenance, Common Problems
        • Dialed Cycling Team
        • Dialed Cycling Club
        • Dialed Triathlon Team
        • Group Rides
        • Three Charity Cycling Events!

There is so much greatness going on that we can hardly contain ourselves!  If you’re into building a “new you” and looking for a place to call home, we are standing right in front of you with arms wide open.  Come on by to see us, see our incredible facility, and let’s talk about you!

Dailed Cycling Lab and Movement Revolution are proudly serving the Vancouver and Camas communities, and we are even helping a bunch of folks from Portland and other surrounding areas.  Set up an appointment to come learn more about our services, products, and team… We are looking forward to meeting you!

There are many more pictures to come… So much new stuff is being added every day, so be sure to check back for new programs, offerings, equipment, and so much more!

(360) 474-7275

Dialed Cycling Lab @ Movement Revolution

1721 NE 64th Ave., Ste 110

Vancouver, WA 98661

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