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Dynaplug Pill Tubeless Tire Puncture Repair Kit

The Dynaplug Pill (aka Micro Pro) is crafted for the scale of a puncture repair in a tubeless bicycle tire.

Dynaplug Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair Plugs

Dynaplug® tubeless tire repair plugs are constructed from viscoelastic rubber impregnated cord and non-abrasive brass tip. The plugs are specially designed

Dynaplug Tubeless Repair Plug Combo Pack

The Dynaplug Repair Plugs Variety Pack includes 3 Soft Tip and 2 Mega Tip Plugs so that you have everything

Dynaplug® Racer Pro – Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair Kit

Dynaplug® Racer Pro Kit What's in the box: 1 - Dynaplug® Racer Pro Tool 1 - Megaplug 3 - Standard Plugs 1 - Standard Twin Tube™ 1 - Standard/Megaplug Twin Tube™

Genuine Innovations Side of Bacon for Tubeless Tire Repair: 20 Pack

Side of Tire Bacon Tubeless Patch Kit to plug pesky punctures in seconds and cycle confident for many rides to come.

Muc-Off CO2 Inflator Kit – MTB

If you’ve had a pesky puncture then it’s time to whip out our CO2 cartridges and inflator head. This handy kit will get your innertube inflated and back on the move.

PEBBLE TOOL by PNW Components

  • Compatible with tubeless tires to repair simple punctures and make on-the-go adjustments
  • Integrated Dynaplug® (USA - PAT 8,707,829) tubeless tire repair accessory
  • Includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm Hex, T25 Torx (hidden under Dynaplug® accessory)
  • Integrated Dynaplug® tubeless bicycle tire repair accessory
Weight: 51g Size: L: 65mm, W: 21mm, Thickness: 15mm

Lezyne Tubeless Insert Kit

  • WEIGHT: 35g
  • KIT: 5 tire plugs, combined tire reamer and insertion tool

Lezyne Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

WEIGHT: 47g KIT: 5 tire plugs, combined tire reamer and insertion tool

MSW CO2-20 CO2 Cartridge: 20g, 3 Pack

Threaded 20 gram CO2 cartridges.
  • MSW threaded CO2 Cartridges fit all MSW inflator heads as well as our competitors' inflators

Muc-Off Rim Stix Tyre Lever

We all need maximum leverage, right? Muc-Off Rim Stix are the perfect tool for quick, safe and easy tyre removal with no danger of damaging rims or pinching tubes, even with the hardest to remove tyres! Constructed from high-strength materials to be sturdy and grippy making even the toughest of tyre removals painless with no danger of it snapping in two and leaving you stranded in the hills. The tip is engineered with the perfect scoop angle and an added recess underneath ensures fast and faff-free usage. Designed from the ground up, these tyre levers work perfectly with all tyre and rim combos - whether you’re out in the wilderness or in the workshop! Designed with an integral emergency valve core remover and rear-spoke hook making it the perfect riding partner no matter what the occasion.