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Dumonde Tech Freehub Grease – 1oz

Dumonde Tech’s Classic Freehub Grease is specifically designed for all freehubs that require a lightweight grease. These style hubs we

Dumonde Tech Liquid Grease – 1 fl oz

Recommended Use

greasing your suspension, pivots, or cartridge bearings

Shimano Premium Grease – 500g

  • Manufacturer Part Number: Y04110010
  • UPC: 689228145665

Muc Off Bio Grease, 150g Tube

Designed specifically for bicycle use, Muc-Off Bio Grease possesses a unique formula that prevents corrosion and water ingress so your bike's components will last long into the future. Use Muc-Off Bio Grease to increase your performance, and ensure every ride will be smoother than your last.

Buzzy’s Slick Honey Bike Grease

Originally developed for motorcycle suspension systems, Slick Honey is unmatched in its ability to provide nearly frictionless movement while staying in place longer than other greases.

Muc-Off Bio Grease

  • Biodegradable ultra slippery formula
  • Resistant to water "wash off"
  • Reduce friction and improve performance of moving parts
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 °C to +120°C

Park Tool High Performance Grease

HPG-1 Park Tool High Performance Grease is proprietarily blended to meet the demanding needs of today’s high performance bicycles and high end components.

Park Tool Polylube 1000 Lubricant (Tube)

Park Tool's polyurea lubricant was developed specifically for bicycle maintenance and repair. PolyLube 1000™ has an extremely high shear strength to protect vital parts under extreme conditions. PolyLube 1000™ also repels moisture and is compatible with conventional greases.