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Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil – 1 fl oz

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Freehub Oil is the perfect addition for the bicycle market and as part of the superior product line of Dumonde

Dumonde Tech G-10 Bio Green Bicycle Chain Lube

Dumonde Tech G10 Bio Green Lube Dumonde Tech G-10 Bio-Green Chain Lubricant is developed from plant, vegetable and/or seed oil,

Dumonde Tech Original Bicycle Chain Lube

  • Forms a low-friction plastic plating on the chain
  • More-viscous formula is ideal for foul weather
  • Washes out with soap and water

Dumonde Tech Original Lite Bicycle Chain Lube

  • Forms a low-friction plastic plating on the chain
  • More-viscous formula is ideal for foul weather
  • Washes out with soap and water

Dumonde Tech PRO X Lite Chain Lubricant

  • Keep your drivetrain buttery smooth with tech-loaded lube
  • MRCC technology helps chain shed dirt and water
  • Polymerization assists in bonding oils with drivetrain
  • Lightweight for all road, and dry trail conditions

Dumonde Tech PRO X Regular Bicycle Chain Lubricant

  • Dumonde Tech oils migrate for complete wetting of the surfaces
  • The formulation is a “liquid plastic” through polymerization forms a long-lasting plating on all surfaces
  • Does not build up
  • Does not become sticky or gooey

Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Dry Lube – 120ml

Whenever it’s dry outside, reach for C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube to keep things running smoothly. Welcome to the future of drivetrain lubrication.

Muc-Off Dry Weather Lube 1 Liter

Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube is a durable, deep penetrating Chain Lubricant and oil that’s formulated to hold up in extreme conditions that would destroy ordinary chain lubes. Muc-Off Dry Lube is a highly versatile, dry weather chain oil that has state of the art penetrative qualities to ensure that the lube is driven deep into each chain link’s core. And there’s no need to worry because Muc-Off Dry Lube is *biodegradable, so it’s safe for you, your bike and the planet.

Muc-Off Mo 94 – 400ml

Stop rust, lubricate parts, add a long-lasting protective film – you name it, MO-94 does it. It’s the perfect protective

Silca Secret Chain Blend – Hot Melt Wax

Consisting of highly refined laboratory-grade paraffin and a high concentration of 3 specific sizes of nano-scale Tungsten disulfide, Secret Chain Blend not only acts as a lubricant but actually acts to modify the surface of the chain, filling in all of the crevices of the metal with highly lubricious and wear-resistant tungsten disulfide particles. As a result, chains waxed with Secret Chain Blend and Secret Chain Lube will actually get faster over time and after repeated waxings. Secret Chain Blend is the only hot wax lubricant to have a specifically matched and compatible drip wax which can be used to 'top off' the wax as needed, extending the duration between hot wax applications, and guaranteeing the quietest running drivetrain possible. Using the combination of Secret Chain Blend and Secret Chain Lube can dramatically extend the chain and drivetrain component life (up to 10x).

Silca Super Secret Chain Lube – 8oz

8 oz Bottle (Large) • Clean to the touch • Repels dirt and debris • Easy to apply • Save up to 7w over other lubes

Silca Synergetic Wet Lube

• 2oz bottle • Up to 12,000mi from a bottle • Ultra-high wearing • Ultra-quiet • All conditions chain lube