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SiS Go Energy + Caffeine Gels – Orange, single

These gels don’t require you to drink water with them, making them a great option if you tend to experience that full, sloshy feeling from drinking too much water with your gels OR struggle with thick, syrupy gels. They also contain three different electrolytes to aid in proper fuel + fluid absorption.

Sis Go Energy + Electrolyte Gel – Raspberry, Single

The SiS GO Energy + Electrolyte gel builds on the established science of the SiS GO Isotonic Energy gel, the world’s first and only truly isotonic energy gel.

Sis Go Energy + Electrolyte Gels – Raspberry box of 30

Electrolytes including sodium, potassium and magnesium are lost through sweat and need to be replaced in order to help the body maintain fluid balance, alongside an appropriate fluid intake.

Sis Go Isotonic Energy Gel – Cherry, Single

The world's first isotonic gel. These energy gels by Science in Sport were key in changing the game! They effectively deliver an easily digestible and quick supply of two types of carbohydrate, allowing the body to absorb more carbs-per-hour than glucose alone.

SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gel: Double Espresso, 60ml, Box of 30

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GO Isotonic Energy + Caffeine Gel provides 22g of carbohydrates and 75mg of caffeine. Ideal for high intensity races and long, tough days on the road.
  • Caffeine has been repeatedly shown to improve performance by lowering your perception of effort by providing a boost just when you need it
  • Use before or during sport for added physical and mental focus when you want to get an edge
  • Formula is clean in the mouth and easy to digest

SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gel: Citrus, 60ml, Box of 30

  • Serving Per Container: 30
  • Total Carbohydrates: 22
  • Serving Size: 60ml
  • Flavor: Citrus
  • Dietary Considerations: Dairy Free , Gluten Free , Vegan , Vegetarian