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Park Tool – Chain Checker CC-2

With the Park Tool CC-2 Chain Checker you can quickly and accurately determine the wear (or "stretch") of nearly any bike chain. Simply insert the Chain Checker’s pins into two links, lightly press the swing arm gauge, and then check the gauge window for an accurate reading. The CC-2 is compatible with most single-speed and derailleur chains, including Shimano XTR 12-speed chains.

Park Tool PZT-2 Pizza Cutter

Bring the bike culture to the kitchen with this pizza cutter. An update of one of our all-time greats, the

Park Tool Spork – SPK-1

This take-along multi-tool combines two essential cutlery designs — "fork" and "spoon" — into one convenient dining implement. Made of 316 food-grade stainless steel and vinyl dipped in world famous Park Tool Blue. Perfect for your toolbox or backpack.

RideWrap Protection Kit Installation Tools

  • RW Squeegee
  • RW Microfiber cloth
  • 2x RW Cleaning Wipes
  • RW Install Solution
  • Microfiber: 20cm x 20cm
  • Squeeege: 10cm x 7cm

Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair

New information and topics included in the BBB 4th edition:
  • 12-speed and 1x drivetrains
  • Tubeless tires
  • Disc brakes
  • Electronic shifting
  • New wheel building content
  • Updated headset and bottom bracket standards
  • Updated torque specifications
  • Updated troubleshooting tables

Shimano Plug Tool WP-Y6VE16000

Plug tool for connection and disconnection of Electric wire

Finish Line Mechanic Grip Gloves

Designed for long-term use and durability, the Finish Line Mechanic Grip Gloves™ provide the ultimate in grip, protection, and dexterity. These reusable gloves make it easier to work on small, precision bike parts.

Shimano EW-SD50-I Wire Holders

  • Transmits interactive signals and power supply to each electronic components by “plug & gap” connection
  • Compact and waterproof connector
  • Easy to insert into frame
  • Cable length 150 mm - 1600 mm
  • With cable tie type for built-in cable routing (EW-SD50-I)

Muc-Off Rim Stix Tyre Lever

We all need maximum leverage, right? Muc-Off Rim Stix are the perfect tool for quick, safe and easy tyre removal with no danger of damaging rims or pinching tubes, even with the hardest to remove tyres! Constructed from high-strength materials to be sturdy and grippy making even the toughest of tyre removals painless with no danger of it snapping in two and leaving you stranded in the hills. The tip is engineered with the perfect scoop angle and an added recess underneath ensures fast and faff-free usage. Designed from the ground up, these tyre levers work perfectly with all tyre and rim combos - whether you’re out in the wilderness or in the workshop! Designed with an integral emergency valve core remover and rear-spoke hook making it the perfect riding partner no matter what the occasion.