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Crank Brothers Klic Floor Pump Analog + Burst Tank

The workshop essential. Magnetic hose attachment Hidden hose in the body of the floor pump Quick connect for gauge to

Lezyne CO2 Refill 5 pack – 20g

Threaded CO2 cartridges for use with all Lezyne CO2 inflators. 20g CO2 cartridges contain a mid-sized charge suitable for higher

Lezyne Pocket Drive Frame Pump: Black

The Lezyne Pocket Drive Mini Pump, Fully CNC Machined aluminum body with a highly efficient overlapping handle and detailed machining for extra grip. Short hose section helps save valves from bending forces when in use.

Lezyne Pocket Drive Pro – Matt Black

The Pocket Drive Pro is an amazingly compact and lightweight bike hand pump that’s small on size but still manages

Lezyne Sport Drive HP Hand Pump – Small, Flex Hose, Black

Sport Drive HP Frame Pump Flex hose to help prevent valve damage Presta and Shrader valve compatible

MSW Airlift Floor Pump 100

The MSW FLP-100 floor pump is designed to provide years of reliable service in a basic package. Dual head works on both Presta and Schrader valves Steel Barrel with durable composite base Max pressure: 150 psi Hose Length: 32" Gauge Diameter: 2.5" On-board inflation adapter kit for toys, balls, and rafts

MSW Airlift Floor Pump 200

Sturdy and fully featured, the AirLift (FLP-200) is a great upgrade for riders looking for a little bit more from their floor pump. Smart head fits on both Presta and Schrader valves Steel barrel and steel base Bleed valve for fine-tuning pressure Max pressure: 150 psi Extra-long 48" hose Gauge Diameter: 2.5"

PDW Shiny Object CO2 Inflator: 16g Cartridge with Sleeve

Included Cartridge: Yes Cartridge Type: Threaded Defined Color: Silver

Planet Bike 25g Threaded CO2 Cartridge

Planet Bike threaded CO2 cartridges for bike inflators. Cartridge Type: Threaded Cartridge Size: 25g

RockShox High-Pressure / High-Volume Convertible Air Pump, 300psi Max

RockShox High Pressure Suspension Pumps 2-in-1 aluminum barrel design for fork or shock inflation by converting between single-stage (high pressure)


An ultra-compact disc chuck adapter designed to be a simple and efficient solution to the typical leaking disc chuck experience.