Recently Sold Consignment Bikes

It was a great Happy New (to me) Bike Day for all of these fantastic bikes and their awesome new owners!

**SOLD** Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29er (15.5″)

**SOLD** Specialized Roubaix Apex Compact (56cm)

**SOLD ** Cannondale Slate Force 1 (Small)

**SOLD** Felt VR2 (47cm)

**SOLD** 2018 Custom Fat Tire Bike (Large – 19″)

**SOLD** 2014 Merida Cyclocross 3 (61cm)

**SOLD** 2013 Cervelo S5 (51cm)

**SOLD** 2021 BMC Roadmachine 01 (58cm)

**SOLD** Trek Portland (50cm)

**SOLD** 2019 Cannondale Carbon Synapse Disc (51cm)

**SOLD** Cannondale Synapse Disc 105 (54cm)

**SOLD** Specialized Tarmac Disc Pro SL6 SRAM eTap Road Bike (49cm)

**SOLD** Cannondale Trail 3 (XS)

**SOLD** Cervelo R3 (56cm)

**SOLD** Trek Emonda SLR 7 Disc Project One (50cm)

**SOLD** Scott Spark Custom MTB (Medium)

**SOLD** BMC Timemachine Road 01 THREE (54cm)

**SOLD** Canyon Grail AL Gravel Bike (Medium)

**SOLD** Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 e-Bike (Small)

**SOLD** Diamondback Mission 2 (Large)

**SOLD** Trek Madone 6.2 (52cm)

**SOLD** Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Gravel Bike (56cm)

**SOLD** Bulls Cross Lite E-Bike (45cm)

**SOLD** 2019 Cannondale Synapse Di2 (51cm)

**SOLD** BMC Teammachine SLR01 FOUR (54cm)

**SOLD** Trek 2.1 WSD (52cm)

**SOLD** Trek Madone (58cm)

**SOLD** Felt B14 Di2 (47cm)

**SOLD** 2021 BMC Timemachine TWO (ML)

**SOLD** Bowman Pilgrims Disc (56cm)

**SOLD** 2018 Trek Remedy 8 (17.5″)

**SOLD** Serotta Titanium (55cm)

**SOLD** Wilier Cento10NDR (XL)

**SOLD** BMC Teammachine SLR01 SRAM Red (61cm)

**SOLD** Santa Cruz Blur XC (Large)

**SOLD** BMC Timemachine TM02 (Medium Short)

**SOLD Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod (51cm)

**SOLD** Scott Scale 920 (Large)

**SOLD** Colnago C-50 (53cm)

**SOLD** Scott Addict 10 Disc (56cm)

**SOLD** Giant Defy Advanced (Small)

**SOLD** 2008 Fuji Supreme RC (47cm)

**SOLD** 2012 Felt DA3 (51cm)

**SOLD** 2015 Felt F2X Di2 Cyclocross Bike (53cm)

**SOLD** 2020 BMC Fourstroke 01 TWO (Large)

**SOLD** 2010 Cervelo P2 47cm

**SOLD** 2014 Trek Madone 7 2.1 (52cm)

**SOLD** 2018 Cervelo P5 (58cm)

**SOLD** Santa Cruz Driver 8 Medium

**SOLD** Specialized Diverge 58cm

**SOLD** Ridley X-Fire (54cm)

**SOLD** Specialized S-Works Venge (52cm)

**SOLD** Specialized Stumpjumper Expert 29 (Large)

**SOLD** 2017 Giant Defy Advanced 2 Disc (XL)

**SOLD** 2021 BMC Timemachine Road 01 TWO (56cm)

**SOLD** Trek Boone RSL 58cm

**SOLD** Giant TCR Advanced SL (Size: M/L)

**SOLD** Cannondale Synapse (54cm)

**SOLD** Giant TCR C2 (56cm)

**SOLD** BMC Time Machine TT02 (Small)

**SOLD** 54cm Cannondale Synapse Carbon 6

**SOLD** No. 22 Drifter 54cm Titanium

**SOLD** Quintana Roo Seduza 53cm

**SOLD** Felt AR1 56cm

**SOLD** Specialized Ruby Sport (51cm)

**SOLD** Trek Madone 6.5 WSD (52cm)

**SOLD** Dean Titanium Road (54cm)

**SOLD** Rocky Mountain Prestige 50 CR (54cm)

**SOLD** Giant Glory 8.0 (Large)

**SOLD** 2021 Santa Cruz Blur C S TR (Medium)

**SOLD** Specialized Dolce 51cm

**SOLD** Trek 7.5 FX series 53cm

**SOLD** Specialized Ruby 51cm

**SOLD** Murray Spectra 10 Speed Classic

**SOLD** Kona Esatto Titanium 56cm

**SOLD** 2017 Boardman TTE (Medium)

**SOLD** 2016 Cervelo R5 (54cm)

**SOLD** 2009 Cannondale Six Carbon 5 (60cm)

**SOLD** Valdora PHX2 Black Pearl (54cm)

**SOLD** DeVinci Troy 27.5 (Medium)

**SOLD** Redline Conquest (50cm)

**SOLD** BMC Teamelite 01 THREE (XL)

**SOLD BMC Speedfox ONE (Medium)

**SOLD** Diamondback E’tape Custom (58cm)

**SOLD** Felt S22 (50cm)

**SOLD** Specialized Epic Comp (Medium)

**SOLD** 2021 BMC Roadmachine 01 THREE (54cm)

**SOLD** Felt B14 (52cm)

**SOLD** Felt F95 Jr (44cm)

**SOLD** Cannondale SuperSix 5 (58cm)

**SOLD** BMC Alpenchallenge AMP CITY ONE eBike

**SOLD** Trek Emonda SL 5 54cm H2 (54cm)

**SOLD** Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc Force eTap AXS (56cm)

**SOLD** Cannondale Habit Carbon Women’s 1 Champagne 27.5 (XS)

**SOLD** 2020 BMC Timemachine Disc TT (M/L)

**SOLD** Guru Magis TT (Small / 51cm)

**SOLD** Guru Geneo Road Bike (51cm)

**SOLD** CoMotion Nor’Wester Co-Pilot (54cm)

**SOLD** Fuji Roubaix 1.5 Custom (52cm)

**SOLD** Norco Bigfoot Fat Bike (Large)

**SOLD** Specialized S-Works TriCross Carbon (Small / 52cm)

**SOLD** Trek Silque SSL with Di2 (47cm)

**SOLD** 2015 Devinci Troy 27.5

**SOLD** 2016 Litespeed T1SL (58cm)

**SOLD** 2017 Time Fluidity (54cm / Medium)

**SOLD** 2009 Ritchey Breakaway (54cm)

**SOLD** 2016 Trek Emonda SLR 10 H1 (56cm)

**SOLD** 2016 Trek Emonda SL6 (54cm)

**SOLD** Cannondale Slate Force 1 650b Gravel Bike (Small)

**SOLD** 2020 BMC Teammachine SLR01 Custom (58cm)

**SOLD** S-Works Tarmac SL6 Fact 12 (56cm)

**SOLD** Fondriest Carbon Lex (54cm)

**SOLD** Co-Motion Nor’Wester Co-Pilot (50cm)

**SOLD** Schwinn Paramount 60th Anniversary Titanium (56cm)

**SOLD** Trek Boone 7 Custom (54cm)

**SOLD** Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5 (48cm)

**SOLD** Custom Kona Zing Deluxe (56cm)

**SOLD** Scott Solace Carbon (61cm)

**SOLD** BH Quartz Ultegra Disc (Medium)

**SOLD** Bianchi Oltre Road Bike (52cm)

**SOLD** Specialized Carve Comp (Small 15.5″)

**SOLD** DeSalvo Steel Track Bike (57cm)

**SOLD** 2016 Focus Izalco Max (56cm)

**SOLD** DeSalvo Titanium – Single Speed Cx (56cm)

**SOLD** DEMO BIKE – 2020 BMC Fourstroke 01 TWO (Large)

**SOLD** Felt FR1 FRD Disc (51cm)

**SOLD** YETI AS-R 5 Carbon XC Full Suspension

**SOLD** BMC Teammachine SLR01 THREE Disc (58cm)

**SOLD** Felt Nine FRD Custom Hardtail 29 (20in)

**SOLD** 2019 BMC Teammachine SLR 01 DISC FOUR (51cm & 56cm)

**SOLD** 2019 BMC Teammachine SLR 02 THREE Disc (56cm)

**SOLD** 2019 BMC Timemachine Road Custom (58cm) | Nearly New!

**SOLD** 2019 BMC Teammachine SLR 02 TWO Disc (54cm & 58cm)

**SOLD** 2019 BMC Roadmachine 02 ONE (54cm) – SALE PRICE!

**SOLD** 2019 BMC Roadmachine 01 THREE (58cm)

**SOLD** Knight 65/95 Carbon Wheelset

**SOLD** Jamis Ventura Elite (58cm)

**SOLD** Argon 18 E-117 TT (58cm)

**SOLD** Trek Madone 5.2 (58cm)

**SOLD** Cervelo R3 SL (54cm)

**SOLD** S-Works Shiv TT (medium)

**SOLD** Trek Emonda SLR H1 (56cm)

**SOLD** Felt F1 FRD (56cm)

**SOLD** Cannondale SuperSix EVO High Mod (54cm)

**SOLD** 2014 Felt Nine FRD Custom (20″ Large)

**SOLD** Giant Anthem X 4.0 (medium 18″)

**SOLD** 2013 Trek Superfly Comp (Gary Fisher Collection) 19 inch

*SOLD* Salsa Vaya (59cm)

**SOLD** KTM Canic CXC 11s (57cm)

*SOLD* Cannondale CAAD 10 (56cm)

**SOLD** Cannondale SuperSix EVO (58cm)

SOLD! – Specialized Epic Full Suspension (Medium)

SOLD! – Bianchi Oltre Road Bike (52cm)

SOLD! – Bianchi 928 Road Bike (55cm)

SOLD! – 2017 Giant Liv Avow Advanced (Small)

SOLD! – 2017 BH G7 (Large / 58cm)

**SOLD** Valdora AC-Tri Road Bike – Fixie / SS (58cm)

SOLD! – Ridley XFire Disc Cross Bike (52cm)

SOLD! – Giant Aluxx SLR Cross Bike

SOLD! – 2016 Cervelo R5 (54cm Frame)

*SOLD* NEW KTM Myroon Prestige Hardtail (19″ Frame)

SOLD! – Custom Felt Nine FRD 29 Hardtail (20″ Frame) **Certified Pre-Owned**

SOLD! – Felt AR FRD w/ Boyd 44 Carbon Wheels (54cm Frame)

SOLD! **Certified Pre-Owned** Cervelo P2 w/ Zipp Wheels & Quarq PM (54cm Frame)

SOLD! **Certified Pre-Owned** Fuji Altamira (51cm Frame)

SOLD! – Niner EMD 9 (Small Frame) **Certified Pre-Owned**

SOLD! New Custom Built Felt F1 FRD (56cm)

SOLD – Fuji Altamira CX 1.0 (49cm Frame): **Certified Pre-Owned**

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