Cycling Foundation

1-2 Hours

Learn how to keep your bike properly functioning as well as all the necessary roadside fixes you will need to master so you don’t become stranded!  This includes:

  • Cleaning your bike
  • Proper lube application
  • Tire maintenance
  • Bike inspection
  • Changing a flat
  • Tube repair
  • Fixing a broken chain
  • What to pack in your saddle bag


Cost: $70-$140


The Anatomy of a Bicycle

2-4 Hours

Learn how about all the parts that comprise your bike, how they fit together, the tools necessary to work on your bike, how to tune your bike and any of the basic information that you have yet to master.  This can include:

  • Front and rear derailleur tuning
  • Changing brake pads & aligning your brakes
  • Cleaning and lubing your bottom bracket
  • Brake bleed
  • Cleaning and lubing your headset
  • Setting up tubeless tires
  • Changing a chain
  • Removing and cleaning your cassette
  • Wheel truing


Cost: $140-$240


Custom Build / Complete Tear Down

3-5 Hours

Become familiar with every last detail of your bike by participating in the complete build process.  If you already have a bike, we would instead do a complete tear down of your bike, service & clean the bike and all its parts, and then completely rebuild the bike.  These processes are completed with a complete tuneup and polish.  Not only will your bike shine, but you will have peace of mind knowing that you know your bike inside and out.  There is also a tremendous sense of pride in knowing that you are now self reliant when it comes to your bike.   This can include:

  • You will master all “The Basics”
  • You will master the “Know Your Bike”
  • Measuring and cutting a steer tube
  • Tool mastery
  • How to fit your bike to you
  • Cable Routing
  • Bar taping
  • General trouble shooting


Cost: $210-$300