Bike lights pretty much boil down to two main functions… See and be seen.  We think both are pretty important!  Not all bike lights are the same, though, which goes for both the front and rear facing lights.  Bike lights can vary when it comes to brightness (lumens), flash types, the ability to be recharged, radar, video cameras, battery length, size, weight, and how they are mounted.  That said, knowing your use cases will help determine which light(s) you will need for your bike adventures!  In some cases, you can find that do-it-all light that will suit all of your needs, but for those of with more specific needs, you may find yourself stocking up on a few options so you can always have the right tool for the job.  We do highly recommend that you get a rechargeable light system in an effort to cut down on waste – both financial and environmental.  For our roadie friends out there, we are big fans of the Garmin radar system and for good reason… They are incredible bike safety devices that you’ll never want to ride without again once you start using them! Check out some of our favorites from Garmin, Knog, Lezyne, and more!