HOMETOWN: Portland, OR

OBRA: Results

BIKES: Planet-X, Merckx

DCT: 2017



Road – CAT 4


Cross – CAT 5


“Born in a small town down in the valley. Went to school. Met a girl. Went to Europe. Came back stateside to interview for med school, but was really for the girl. Got really lucky and married the girl (got luck with getting into school as well). Live in NoPo with the girl and 2 daughters, work at PSU Student Health Center, and that’s that.
Had bad knees since teen. Patellas didn’t form correctly. Played all the sports in high school and intramural sports in undergrad and ran a lot. Pain got too bad. Knee surgery in early 20s. Stopped exercising (didn’t really have the time). Got chubby, which is fine. One of my brothers and 2 bro-in-laws ride bike. They said, “Hey chubby, you’re doing the STP with us this year.” I said, “Uh, no I’m not. Cyclist are stupid and I ain’t wearing that spandex crap.” They said, “Yes you are…chubby.” That was Thanksgiving 2011. My knees didn’t kill me, I got hooked, and the rest is history.”

“I work at PSU, so nothing to promote except I do think we do a great job at SHAC at PSU. I would like to promote Dialed Cycling. I got so lucky falling into this team. Decided to try racing last year (2017). Jake happened to be starting a team and I knew him from Strava and positive comments he made/offered. You would be hard pressed to find a better, more genuine group of people than those involved with this team.”

When not on his bike, you Chris enjoys hanging out with family, reading books, watching good TV shows with my better half or occasional good movies with the family, camping, hunting, and occasional fishing.


“Hey Dad, you want to ride again tomorrow?” – Kylee, my eldest. Summer 2017


  • Where ever I am on my bike, I figure I’m already pretty lucky to be there. But if nailed down, I would love to ride a few national parks in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and California.


Kings Valley Road Race | Race Report | Masters 40+ 3/4/5

2018 Kings Valley Road Race | Masters 40+ 3/4/5 by Chris Hanel  April 14, 2018 Race: Kings Valley Road Race (53 miles, 2700 ft) Category: Men’s Masters 40+ 3/4/5 Team:  Chris Hanel (1st), Shaun Martin (12th), Jake von Duering (5th) [...]