HOMETOWN: Tualatin, OR

OBRA: Results

BIKES: Trek (MTB), Focus (CX)

DCT: 2017



Road – CAT 5

Cross – CAT 2



Hayden has enjoyed cycling even before he could write full sentences, but he sparsely mounted the saddle in his early youth due to his preoccupation with other recreations. Hayden was commonly busy athletically—participating in soccer, swimming, track, lacrosse and basketball at different ages in his youth—but found his “bicycle time” during family camping trips each summer. 

Hayden’s passion for cycling was not kickstarted by him, but rather by his father. His father was an avid cyclist since his college days, but soon retired the bike to focus on family by the time Hayden was born. Hayden’s father returned to cycling in 2014 and returned to the racing scene soon after. In 2015, Hayden was brought along by his father to compete in some junior cyclocross races. Thereafter, Hayden would gradually find himself showing up to the start line more and more as time went on. Hayden was skeptical of cycling initially; unsure of whether he could handle adding another sport onto his already brimming athletic schedule. Hayden soon found compromise though, and he lightened his schedule enough to fit in cycling.

In early 2017, Hayden’s father joined the then-budding Dialed Cycling Team. Hayden was recruited to the team by his father shortly afterwards. Following Hayden’s first few races with the new team, he fell in love with the unique and encouraging sensation of belonging to a team. From then on, Hayden attended as many bike races as he could get to. Hayden was fortunate to find thorough support from his father, who taught Hayden everything he knows about the sport. In many ways, Hayden attributes his passion of cycling to his father.

Hayden now avidly trains for, races in, and loves cycling. Mountain biking and cyclocross were the only disciplines that Hayden raced initially, but he soon broadened his race repertoire to include time trials and road racing.

When Hayden isn’t cycling, you will most likely find him engaged in his high school endeavors. Hayden frequently becomes absorbed by science, math, and science fair projects. Furthermore, Hayden can also be found spending time with his family in the form of chatting, participating in activities with them (such as camping), and traveling.



“You should be thinking about your shifting!” – Mark Revenaugh


  • 100 Mile Ride
  • Ride in a Velodrome