Travel Case Rentals

Keep your bike SAFE & SECURE while it travels with you!

Serfas Hardshell Travel Case Rental:

The hardshell case, three layers of high density foam to secure your bike and separate the wheels from the rest of the bike, four internal straps to secure your bike, some terrycloth towels for protection and keeping the foam protected from bike grease, and four locking latches. Once packed, this case is pretty bullet proof and easy to get around with the hand strap and rolling casters.

Case dimensions:
Internal size: 44″ x 27″ x 9.75″
External size: 47″ x 30″ x 11″

Case Weight: 30lbs.

Serfas Hardshell Travel Case Rental:

Serfas Hardshell Travel Case Rental:

Packing your bike in a travel case will require some disassembly and you will need to have the necessary tools to complete this process. For an additional $45, you will receive a 30 minute ($80 for an hour) workshop on how to properly pack your bike, learn the basics of  disassembly/assembly process, and you’ll learn how to use the tools you will need for your trip. This has served as a great value to many people!

*Most airlines charge an “oversize baggage” fee for the case and this varies from airline to airline. The average cost per flight is $75. Please check with your carrier to confirm.

*CO2 cartridges are prohibited from flying. We suggest getting a decent hand pump or buying a couple cartridges once you arrive to your destination. If you don’t use them, you can return them or pay it forward to another cyclist – your call! 🙂

Please contact us to schedule your reservation!

**Looking for a pre-trip bike tuneup? We do that too… Reserve the travel case, and you will get 10% off on a  tuneup package of your choice!

Contact us to start your reservation!

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