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1900 NE 162nd Ave, Ste B-101

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**We are located inside the ProActive Physical Therapy building


Dialed Cycling Lab is not your typical bike shop.  Heck, we hardly consider ourselves a traditional bike shop – think more in lines of a boutique bike experience… But putting it that way almost makes us sound like we take ourselves too seriously.  In short, we like the personal connection so we can get to know you and exactly what your needs are.  The concept of a traditional bike shop is quickly changing in this day and age, so Dialed Cycling Lab is taking a different approach that we feel is a fun, personal, and realistic business model.  That said, and because of our unique location ,we currently do everything by appointment only.  This has it’s benefits too, we are not confined to your typical store hours and are happy to set up a time that works best for you!


Service drop offs are done by appointment as well and can be done in both Camas and Vancouver.  Need someone to come pick up your bike(s)? Check out our Service Menu... We’ve got you covered!

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(360) 474-7275


    Our philosophy can pretty much be summed up with a few key ingredients:  The golden rule, good value, great service, friendship, and a love for all things bikes!  Basically, Dialed Cycling Lab is everything that we would personally look for in a bike shop, a coach, or a cycling experience.  There are a lot of good shops out there, and heck, many of the people who work at and/or own these shops, are friends!  Still, we wanted a little more, which is where Dialed Cycling Lab was born.  We love all that cycling has to offer and are huge fitness nuts too, which is why we strive for DCL to be unique.  So, if you want to be treated great, go where everyone knows your name, and get the best stuff at even better pricing, contact us and make an appointment to come by… we would be more than happy to meet you, or better yet, go for a ride with you!