Gravel bikes are a fantastic option for cyclists looking to do just about everything on a bike.  Explore your local logging road, forestry roads and fire roads, hits some fun and flowing single tracks, use your gravel bike as a commuter, and even jump into your local road ride.  How is this possible, you ask?  Well, gravel bikes are kinda like a Swiss Army knife in that they can do just about everything. Gravel bikes offer a generous amount of clearance for knobby gravel tires that can help tame some pretty roady gravel roads, yet you can still mount some slick tires for the days that you only want to see those rode miles pile up. You can still use your knobby tires for riding on the road, but do know that the softer rubber compounds will wear faster on the hard surface as they are meant to really grab everything an off-road surface has up its sleeve.  Gravel bikes can do it all, but they greatly excel in the dirt and gravel that has fun written all over it!

Super Spring Bike Sale! | BMC 2022 Models

For all new bikes not on sale, we will cover the sales tax!  Shop local, support local, and save!!

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