Invest in some personal care and you’ll undoubtedly spending more time on your bike!  Chamois cream is one of those items that you learn about the hard way… Specifically speaking, getting rubbed raw in your nether region is far from ideal, and surely after it happens the first time, you’ll likely be scouring the inter-webs for a solution to this hideously painful battle between your saddle, skin, and chamois.  Yep, in most cases, this decadent cream will act as a fantastic layer of protection that will provide you with hours and hours of problem free riding.  As a side note, make sure you have a good bike fit and that your saddle is positioned correctly, make sure you have a great pair of bike shorts with a good chamois, and for the love of bikes, leave the underwear at home! Yep, your bibs and chamois cream is all you need for your bike adventures. By and large, you’ll enjoy our offerings from Butt’r, Muc-Off,  and DZ Nuts!  #cyclistsgocomando

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