A good pair of cycling sunglasses not only makes you look sharp, but they can provide a lot of valuable protection from bugs, branches, debris, wind and UV rays from the sun.  Your sunglasses should provide optimal coverage to ensure this protection while minimizing any potential blindspots.  Your sunglasses should also provide the right amount of ventilation so you are not staring through a foggy mess while attempting to navigate a technical trail or road full of debris and potholes.  We are big fans of 100% sunglasses for a few reasons – The glasses are comfortable, they have many styles to choose from that allow you to find the look that is best for you, and 100% offers a translucent lens option that is absolutely fantastic for those times when you’re back and forth between needing a clear lens, a dark lens, and all the shades in-between!   Let’s find a pair of cycling sunglasses that work best for you!

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