Join the Dialed Community on Slack to get our special promotions, learn about local rides, meet other great cyclists, and so we can directly help you with all of your cycling needs and questions!

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    Slack is a FREE messaging app connects people to the information they want and need! By bringing people together to work as one unified community, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate. We have been using Slack to manage the Dialed Cycling Team for some time now, and it has been amazing! We loved it so much, that we have decided to use it for the Dialed Cycling Club as well. We also love the fact that it is not connected to Social Media and that it can be customized to best serve our needs. Slack can be seamlessly be accessed via the phone/tablet app, desktop app, and your favorite browser. Want to learn more about Slack? Hit the button below to check out Slack in action on YouTube – There are a bunch of videos for you to watch!