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Hammerhead Karoo Bike Computer – New!

The Hammerhead Karoo cycling computer represents innovation, design, and performance. The stunning screen, premium materials, and all-day battery life combine to make Karoo a cycling computer without compromise. Easy to use in every condition thanks to thoughtful hardware and software design, Karoo allows you to focus on the road - and the ride - instead of your equipment. Featuring comprehensive structured workout support, industry best navigation, and a Companion App and Dashboard that let you manage your Karoo without removing it from the handlebars; Karoo helps you hit your training goals, explore new routes, and enjoy every ride. The pièce de resistance is Karoo’s unparalleled control of your bike’s connected components, from SRAM AXS products to E-Bikes to ANT+ lights
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 00.3018.396.001
  • UPC: 710845908262