Dialed Podcast #63

This week we run though Cycling Laws, Rules of the Road, and Cycling Etiquette.  We also roll out a new segment called The Leadout News! Thanks for listening and enjoy! 

Dialed Podcast
Dialed Podcast
Dialed Podcast #63

3 thoughts on “Dialed Podcast #63

  1. James says:

    Lance, what activity tracker do you use for your dog’s runs?

  2. Dialed Cycling says:

    James, this is from Lance:

    “The collar I use for Piper is called the “fi” collar system. GPS tracker and activity tracker. Fi – GPS Dog Tracker by Barking Labs Corp.”



  3. James says:

    that go-pro footage of people passing you in neighborhoods where they are out of line should be posted on social media under one of those “if you know these people…” kind of posts to generate public attention and pressure on people who do stuff like that…..but as humans on bikes we need to make sure we pressure other people on bikes to stay in line too.

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