More Kids on Bikes!!!

There is so much upside to kids being out there riding their bikes… let’s recap just a few:

  • Fitness happens when you get behind some handlebars, not a screen.
  • They sleep better when they use their body, not sitting on a couch.
  • They laugh, which has a myriad of benefits… too many to post, Google it!  :)
  • They learn sense of adventure and feel the freedom a bike provides.
  • They connect with friends and family and build lasting memories.
  • They love riding with mom and dad!

We could go on and on, but you get the point.  So, for the month of June, Dialed Cycling Lab will be providing a FREE tuneup for any kids bike with the regular priced service of an adult bike.  Thats right, FREE for any bike 20″ and smaller!  This will not only help us promote all of the positive benefits of cycling, but you can also rest assured that your child will be riding a bike that is safe.  Kids are tough on bikes, and for some reason, they only bring it to our attention that something is problematic after complete failure.  No brakes, rocking headsets, loose handlebars, broken spokes, broken shift cables, and so on… yep, we’ve seen it all!  I don’t know about you, but I want my kids to be safe out there!

One last thing… these little grommets of ours seem to be growing like weeds and their bikes are starting to fit them like a pair of “high water” pants.  You know, the ones you bought them in the fall with the pant legs that were almost dragging on the ground before school started, but are now 3 inches above their ankles!  I swear there is something in the water, but let’s get back to the point.  We can fix this.  Bring your child with you when you bring their bike in and we will do a quick fit to make sure their bike is set up for them as best as possible.

So there you have it, they will be out there on a properly functioning bike, they will be set for all the adventures this coming summer has in store for them, they will be safe, and most importantly, they will have a blast on their bike!

If the bike no longer fits them, please consider donating the bike to Dialed Cycling so we can add it to our inventory of bikes that will be donated at Christmas time to kids in need.  You can read more about our upcoming charity event in October:  The Oogie Boogie!

Looking for a new kids bike for this summer?  Check out the KTM lineup we offer!  Mention #MoreKidsOnBikes and get a 10% discount… cool!

*Free kids’ bike service with a general $40 bike tuneup.  *Free service will include any kids’ bike 20″ and smaller.  *Parts not included. 

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