Have a bike to sell?

Why not let someone else take care of the tedious task of selling your bike?  Think of not having to deal with servicing your bike, detailing it so it is pristine, doing all of the photography, marketing the bike, dealing with the potential buyers and their laundry list of questions, and actually getting a deal done that you’re happy with!  Yep, we take care of everything… even if it means shipping the bike across the country!  The cost really isn’t all that much when you consider all of the time and energy you will save in the process.  Additionally, DCL will warranty all of the service work on the bike, including the tuneup and any additional work that may need to be done, for 3 months after the sale of the bike.  This leads to the buyer having pease with their purchase, which generally yields the best possible deal for your bike.  The cost of the consignment with DCL is only 20%, or a minimum of $250.  The consignment fee does have a sliding scale for more expensive bikes, so please inquire for more information if you think you fall into this category.  Let the selling begin!

Looking for a quality pre-owned bike?

DCL takes each Certified Pre-Owned bike through a comprehensive 40 point inspection, certifies that each bike is sound, safe and free of any potential problems, and tunes the bike up so you can hit the roads and trails with confidence!  This ensures that you get peace of mind when buying a used bike.  Oh, did we mention that we warranty the service on the bike for 3 months too?  Yep!  If anything goes wrong that we warrantied, bring the bike back in and we will fix it, no questions!  Don’t see a bike you’re looking for?  Contact us, ask about our Bike Broker Search program, and let us find a great bike and deal for you!

Let us make this even easier, we will come to you and pick up your bike… for FREE!  


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