It has happened to just about all of us… You’re standing on the side of the road or trail and out of options to fix your normally trustworthy steed. No one is around to help you, you can’t seem to get anyone on the phone, and you are now crunching numbers to determine just how long that walk home is going to take.  Yep, it’s a real bummer.  Well, let us try to help!  We hold the mantra of “paying it forward” near and dear to our hearts, so we would love to help you if at all possible… for freeSERIOUSLY!

If you’re in the city of Camas (or close by – Washougal or Vancouver) and stuck on the side of the road or trail, CALL US!  We will do our best to come help you get your bike rolling again or provide that needed lift home.  We keep spare tubes, tires, patch kits, floor pumps, CO2 cartridges, chain links, loaner wheels, first aid kits, and our mechanic skills all handy so you are not stranded due to a mechanical, or worse yet, a crash.  Best of all, we do our absolute best to provide this help for FREE as a way of giving back to the cycling community that we love.  Many of these parts are “used” or from our “Pay it Forward” stash that has accumulated from all of our customers over the years, which is perfect to get you going again.  We hope this never happens to you, but we are here in case you ever need help!

Put us in your phone, put us on speed dial, put us in the back of your head as a friend who is there to help!  Shoot us a text that you’ve done this and we will add your contact information with an SOS tag so we can be on alert.  We’ve got your back!

(360) 474-7275

Want to volunteer and give back our cycling community? Join the DIALED SAG Support Network!  Got some old parts that you would like to donate to the Pay it Forward stash?  Want to be on our SOS list?  Contact Us for more information, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our little Blog, like us on Instagram and join our Strava group page!  Tell your cycling friend too :)